Rakhi Celebration in lockdown


Tips to Celebrate RakshaBandhan During Lockdown

The CoronaVirus Pandemic cannot stop you to celebrate the Festival of RakshaBandhan. In this article we will share few Tips to tell How to celebrate the Rakhi in Lockdown.

We all know that this is the time of the year for festivals. India is all about its rich heritage culture and festivals. Among all, the major festivals RakshaBandhan holds a very special place in our hearts.

RakshaBandhan is the festival of siblings bond. However, it is also true that this year Rakhi is not have the same spark as compare to the previous years. We all are thinking on how to celebrate the Rakhi amid Lockdown.

Lockdown has impacted the India and Indians severely. Because of the Lockdown none of the festival has been celebrated much this year.

Moreover, Rakhi festival is never be an outgoing festival. We celebrate Rakhi with our families in our homes .Hence, the Lockdown will not going to impact as much on this festival.

So, you don’t worry as you can still celebrate the festival with same spark with your family. But here are just few things following which you can make this RakshaBandhan as memorable one.

I will share some Rakhi Celebration Ideas within Lockdown which will surely give you a brief idea about How to celebrate Rakhi in Lockdown.


So, let’s have a look at this Covid19 Rakhi celebration.

Online Rakhi Celebration


Due to the Pandemic, most of you were not able to go out to meet your sisters and brothers. Here the technology help us and will solve our problems.

Do video calls to your Siblings do the virtual rituals .Pray for his protection and give your blessings to your Bhaiya.

Share some funny moments, cheers each other and spend some quality time together. By talking face to face you will not feel that you are away from your loved ones. It will give you the same feeling as talking face to face.

Make sure dress beautifully as you meet your Bhaiya online This will give both of you the same feel of festival. It’s true that may be your sibling is far away from you and you can’t tie Rakhi to his wrist but you can pray for his long life while carrying virtual Aarti.

Send a Video Message to your sibling

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Spending time and party with your sibling may not be possible this year but sending a video message in form of collage will definitely make your sibling feel very special on this day.

Make a collage of some beautiful moments from his/her childhood, write heartfelt words, put some emotional music and make a message. No doubt, this will strong your bond with your sibling.

Prepare Some Home Made Sweets and Rakhi


Coronavirus may steal our freedom of going outside to buy sweets but this Pandemic gives us the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones in the kitchen and make something special for them.

It is the best opportunity for us to be creative. After all, there is no fun without being a little creative. Let’s attempt to make scrumptious sweets and the most beautiful DIY Rakhi’s at home.

It’s fine if you are looking and buying Rakhi’s online but making the sweet at home will boost your health and immunity as well your relations.

Personalized Rakhi Gifts


The best part of this RakshaBandhan was to find the most amazing gifts for your siblings. Nothing has changed much, most of us are still buying the gifts online but best part is that now you can give personalized gift as well.

You can customize the present with photos & Messages and turn them into a special personal surprise that comes with a pack of Roli, Chawal for the perfect celebration. All that from the comfort at your home.

Play Indoor Games and have Fun


No matter, how far you are form your family and siblings you can still have fun and enjoy the amazing games with them.

Play online games with your siblings remember your childhood and embrace your family with your presence this will also help you to strengthen your bond with them.

Don’t play with your siblings only involve your elders and see how much fun this will going to be .Don’t forget to take the pictures of the event.

Make this Rakhi a Healthy One


In the current scenario, we all understand the importance of Good Health. This Rakhi will surely brings the good health this year.

Gift dry fruits, sugar free sweets, the new normal thing such as sanitizers, infra-red thermometer, masks & Gloves. This year Rakhi is the ultimate promise of protection for you and your siblings.

Digital Rakhi Gifts


For those living in restricted areas where couriers and other services are not functioning properly. In that case Digital Gift is the best option for them. Book a Guitar, e-greeting card, Rakhi Combo Gift or any personalized memes, Video messages and e-teddy bear for your sibling.

Donate Money. Chocolates, Clothes & Food


We all know that due to covid most of us have lost their jobs . I am asking for those upper class people or celebrities who use to donate to mandir, gurudwaras and other relief camps. Donate for those who are suffering from this pandemic.

Celebrate with Family


This year Rakhi is also special because most of us have all of our family members around us. From preparing homemade delicious sweets and food arrange a small get together with all the family members.

DIY Mantra for Rakhi


Due to lockdown we stay indoors, this Rakhi is surely an opportunity for you to Do IT YOURSELF things. From making adorable Rakhi’s , Diyas , sweets and foods . Rakhi is also a chance for you to prove your siblings that you have made this amazing things by yourself and give them the amazing surprise ever.

We hope that you will enjoy the most of this Rakhi, Steal all your plans and enjoy this new wave of RakshaBandhan with your siblings. Show them your love, care, affections and loads of blessings.

The Great Bargains Family wish you all a very Happy RakshaBandhan