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Amazing Benefits of Tulsi Leaves at

Amazing Benefits of Tulsi Leaves

Benefits of Tulsi Leaves  

Tulsi Leaves are natural immunity booster and are having great Benefits as well. Benefits of Tulsi Leaves are very important to know for Young Generation.

During Coronavirus Pandemic Ayurveda has become the most important and above all the herbs used in Ayurveda is getting a important part of our life now. In this Article, we will discuss about some important Benefits of Tulsi Leaves which are considered as one of the most important Life Saving Herbs in Ayurveda.

Tulsi:  Tulsi or Basil is one of the very important and useful herbs in Ayurveda. We use Tulsi in our day to day life in various forms. Tulsi has been given the most appropriate status in Ayurvedic Medicine in most of the countries and  most people have started  applying for this medicine in their homes.

Here are the Few Benefits of Tulsi Leaves:

Useful for Skin Problems

A Natural Immunity Booster

Help in Cure Fever and other Respiratory Problems

Helps in preventing the indigestion and intestine related problems

Improve the Bad Breathing and other Related Problems

Helps in controlling Diabetics and high Blood Pressure also

Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

Beneficial in maintaining the healthy lifestyle.

Prevents Lung Disorder

Help in Reducing the Stress

Firstly, People having Asthma, Cold, Cough, Flu, Sore Throat and any type of Respiratory Disease or have symptoms for that this herb can give you the best relief.

Secondly, Regular intake of  Tulsi helps in controlling the Cholesterol  levels and Blood Pressure.

Taking regularly one or two leaf of Tulsi will reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack and other related disease.

One of the most important Benefits of Tulsi  is that it is used in treatment of indigestion intestinal parasites, ulcer vomiting and menstrual cramps.

Helps in prevention and reduce the pain of Kidney Stones.

Helpful in Joint Pain.

Above all Tulsi is also helpful in the Diabetes Problem anyone wants to restore the Ayurvedic Herbs then restoring tulsi is the best option for them.

It helps in maintaining the Blood Sugar Level

One of the another important Benefits of Tulsi Leaves is that it works as a Mouth Freshener also.

Anyone having the problem of bad breathe and dirty teeth using Tulsi regularly can help you to come over from this problem and clears the teeth and breathe .

How to use  the Tulsi

After learning about all  the benefits now the question arise how can one use the Tulsi and which Tulsi one should use.

As there are various forms of Tulsi Rama , Krishna and Vanna Tulsi  all are very useful and important for above all mentioned benefits.

One can use the Tulsi as Herbal Tea or in powder form. Krishna Tulsi is considered one of more effective for health than other Tulsi

However, Krishna Tulsi, Rama Tulsi and then finally VanaTulsi are included because there is less power in Tulsi but sometimes we can mix it with other types of Tulsi too for pleasing taste.

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