20 Points On Content Marketing Checklist- To Increase Traffic on Website

20- Points- On- Content- Marketing -Checklist- To- Increase -Traffic -on -Website-yashl1.sg-host.com

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Hope you all are doing well. Today, I am going to talk about the 20 Points On Content Marketing Checklist- To Increase Traffic on Website

As we all know that creating Content and Promoting it is not an easy task. Promoting the content is a very important part of content strategy.

Content promotion plays a very crucial role in generating leads and building a good relationship with your customers.

It happens most of us that we spent lots of time creating good content but spent less on promoting the same. Whereas, the thumb rule of content strategy is that we should spend 75% of the time in promoting the content and 25% in creating the same.

I know it must be sounding strange to you but this is true that content promotion also requires a proper strategy as content writing requires. Before we proceed further first discuss

What is Content Marketing?

20- Points- On- Content- Marketing -Checklist- To- Increase -Traffic -on -Website-yashl1.sg-host.com

Content Marketing is the type of marketing which we used to engage our customer which further help us in lead conversion and also help in retaining the customer. So, Basically, there are 4 important aspects of Content Marketing

• Attract the customer

• Convert the leads into sale

• Close the sale

• Delight the customer

Here are Quick Tips for you:

1. If Content Marketing is not in the list of your Content Strategy, then you should add this now.

2. Effective content marketing can give you more leads and sales as compared to just writing and publishing it on the site.

Nowadays, good quality content is in demand, and people preferring those writers who can write valuable content for their site or blogs.

But at the same time, it is very difficult for those who don’t’ have any helping hand in writing the quality content.

In today’s scenario, there are very small business entrepreneurs who are coming in the Digital Marketing world and want to create their presence in the Digital World.

This article may be very helpful for those who don’t have any background in this field.

These 20 20 Points On Content Marketing Checklist- To Increase Traffic on Website will definitely help you

How this checklist helps you?

1. Improve your presence on Social Media and Blog posts.

2. Help in decreasing the chances of errors committed.

3. Help in Achieving your Marketing Goals

4. Motivate you and your team members to work effectively

5. Gives you a Direction to Proceed.

So, Let’s Start the 20 Points On Content Marketing Checklist- To Increase Traffic on Website

20- Points- On- Content- Marketing -Checklist- To- Increase -Traffic -on -Website-yashl1.sg-host.com

1. Set up a Blog: This is the first step, you need to take before you get started creating and publishing your content.

First, you need to have a blog setup. If you already have a blog set up then that’s fine but if not then, I will tell you the process of setting a Blog as well.

Create a Blog in 5 Minutes: 

Setting up a blog is very simple for this you need to take the Best WordPress Hosting and on that hosting need to register your domain.(ABC.com/in) etc. and once the domain registration has been successfully done that go to WordPress from the same site and create your WordPress account on the same hosting.

Below are the few more than 50% Discount Best Hosting Site links for you


2. Prepare an epic Post: This is a very important step. If you cannot create content which is not (valuable) than there is no point in wasting your time.

As we discussed earlier that writing good quality content is very essential.

So, write epic content that can engage your audience and give value to them.

Here are a few tips to write a Quality Content

Write Original Content: Always try to create your own content. Copy and Paste with some other content will be easily identified by Google.

Google Algorithm will easily find your copied content, and you will be punished for that. So, don’t copy and paste the topics which are already available on Google try to write something your own.

  • Ensure that Content will be Grammatically Correct: After writing the content in word a page check the same on tools that check the grammar and spelling part of your content. There are few tools available like, you can check the same on “ Grammarly or Duplichecker.
  • Make Sure to Answer the Question of Your Audience: Choose the topic and write things on that which will be able to give answers to the questions. Like in this article, I am trying to help you Ineffective content strategy.
  • Data-Driven Content: While writing if you can check on the facts and mention the same will give more authenticity to your content. Readers will be able to link themselves and also, it will help them to be updated about the facts and knowledge of a particular topic.
  • Try to create Engaging The Content Use of High-Quality Audio, Images in your Post.

3. Promote on Social Media: Now, once you have your Quality Content ready it’s time to promote it on various Social Media Platforms.

  • While posting on Social Media Tick on Below Points Prepare a Headline: Make Sure you should give a Headline to your post. Your heading will be the same as your post heading.
  • Try to Write Strong and Unique Headlines: People read your headline first and if they find it interesting then they will click and read the entire content. Hence, try to have a good and attractive Heading.

Brief Description: Write s brief description about your post usually, we post it in Meta Description. This will be visible on the search engine while searching. Not the URLs of your Blogs/Post in a notepad, so that you can use these URLs later on.

Below are the sites where you can post

Post Facebook Profile as Status Update Facebook Page as Post

Twitter –Post 3-4 times in a week with proper #hashtags

Instagram with 1-2 images of the post

Pin interest — Here you can post all the images of your post-

LinkedIn as Status Update or Post Google+ After Posting the same ask your friends and family to share the post.

If you have a team ask your team to share it.

4. Email Your Subscribers: This is another proven way of Content Marketing Checklist- To Increase Traffic on Website. Send the e-mailers to your connections on LinkedIn or Your mail friends. You can ask them for feedback as well if not selling anything through content.

5. Manually Reaching to the People: This process is called OUTREACH. In this process, you need to call your friends, colleagues and some influencers to read and comment on your content.

I understand this is a very hard work thing to do but you can send them the link on WhatsApp and asked them to click and read it.

As a new Blogger, this is very important for you to outreach your content. To do this process you need to make a list of all the bloggers, and influencers who are related to your niche.

Before Reaching out to the Bloggers for outreach your must take care of two things. Firstly, They should be related to your niche and Secondly, your content should be awesome.

You can also search for newcomer Bloggers because they will be easy targets for you. You can find them on LinkedIn or Google Search.

6. Submit the Post to Social Bookmarking Sites & Directories: Social Bookmarking sites play a vital role in promoting your website and drive traffic.

There are few sites where if you get few upvotes on their rage then you can easily drive 1K to 2K traffic on your website.

Below are the same social bookmarking sites links for your reference.

Dig g Reddit



Hacker News

Inbound Org


Growth Hacker


Blog Engage


7. Use JustReTweet: JustReTweet is the kind of Twitter exchange platform where you can exchange your Twitter with others and ask them to follow their page and Retweet your tweets.

You need to SignUp on the platform and after they sign up you will get free credits.

By using those credits you can tweet your post on by linking your Twitter account.

8. Post on Related Forums and Groups: Post your blog post in various discussion forums related to your niche including the backlinking of your site.

While doing this, you need to be ensured that you will post in authentic sites only if you do spam in that case your website may get banned.

Tips to find the Forums

Search on Google with your Niche and write Forum along with

Check on the Board Readers

Also, check on the Biggest Board Readers

9. Post the Blogs on Related Groups: You can post or share your blogs on various blogs related to your niche available on Social Media

Facebook Groups

LinkedIn Groups

Yahoo Groups

Google Groups

10. Commenting on the Related Post: This is another good way of Content Marketing Checklist- To Increase Traffic on Website

Posting on the related post as a comment and leave a backlink on your site will help in driving the traffic.

Please make sure that you are doing a scam in this also.

11. Posting on Questions and Answers Site: This is another interesting way of promoting the content.

You can post on different questions and answers sites, but while doing this, you need to ensure two things.

First, that answers the related question in a simple manner don’t write as if you are promoting something. Secondly, Put the link of your post as Reference link which shows that you are helping someone.

Trust me guys if you follow these major steps you will never face any problem while promoting your content on Q&A sites.

Here are a few Q&A sites for Posting:


Yahoo Answers

12. Promote Your Content via Scoop It: Scoop It is another way through which you can promote your content to drive traffic on your website.

How to use Scoop It?

For promoting your content on Scoop It.first, you need to create your private lists of content forums around the web. After this, you need to submit your few articles in your selected niche.

Once the site approves your articles, it will publish on the site and will be available for the public to see.

Remember, that your content should be relevant and unique so that the reviewer will approve the same.

13. Competitor Research: You need to research for your competitors from where, they are getting the backlinks, and what are their most popular posts?

You can find the backlinks by using tools like MOZ and SEO SpyGlass. Check the backlinks and posts from other sites and submit your content on the same sites.

14. Paid Promotion: This is the inorganic way of Promoting the Content which actually requires less effort, but more budget.

So, if you are ready to pay for the promotion of your content in that case you can go for this option.

There are lots of Platforms where you can do the Paid Promotion

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

LinkedIn Ads


Twitter Ads

Instagram Ads

Tips for you:

Before posting any Add on any of the above-mentioned channels you need to ensure that your ad will reach to the target audience for your niche.

So, please select the audience and Keywords accordingly.

15. Deep linking of the Post: Deep linking means if you have any previous post which has more traffic or related to the same topic then you can give the link of that post in your current blog.

While posting the blog on WordPress you can give the link of that older post as an internal link. So, that google can also easily find the same on related keywords and your blog will be able to attract the traffic.

16. Submit your Blog on Daily Link Roundups: There are many blogs that do daily or weekly Link Roundups where some of their favorite posts will be linked around the web.

The best option to does the link round-up is to manually submit your content directly to the blogger.

For this, you need to find the blogger related to your niche and have to write them to link your blog while link roundups.

17. Recreate your content in Different Mode: This is the best but time-consuming way of promoting the content and getting traffic on your website.

In this method, you can convert your content in PPT or in slide forms and put the links on each slide where you want the traffic to come and post those PPT into the related platforms.

You can submit your slide to the below places:







18. Convert the content in Video and Post it on YouTube and other video-related platforms such as DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc.

19. Make the Infographic of the content and post it on the related platforms.

20. Convert the content into podcasts and submit the same on Related Platforms such as Visual Ly, Daily infographic, Flicker, Pinterest, etc.

So, Guys above are the best 20 Points On Content Marketing Checklist- To Increase Traffic on Website following which can help you in Promoting your content and increasing the traffic on your website.

I know all the mentioned points are not so easy to do, it will require your time and patience but believe me once you clear all of them you will never face any problem in the content promotion.

But still, if you face any problem or need help then you can write to us at Thegreatbargains 

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