Best tips to save money from online shopping


 Best ways to Save Money From Online Shopping 

The concept of Online Shopping has become an interesting way of shopping for every Indian Customer. Getting Huge Discounts, Deals, Offers, Coupons through Online Shopping attracts the customer and hence they feel shop from online mode is interesting,

The most e-commerce companies are providing discounts to the customers on every purchase they made.

Above all, during the Lockdown period, online shopping was the only way for every customer to be safe from the deadly disease.

The discounts provided are not only limited for any single product, moreover, customers can get a discount on buying groceries and other daily essentials items as well.

Discounts through Online Shopping are very realistic and one has to be very smart and innovative to get the maximum discounts and save more money.

Here are the 11 Best Tips and Tricks on How to Save Money from Online Shopping

  •  Firstly, Make the List of all the items want to Shop

Selection of the items and the product in advance will not only save your time which you will spend in scrolling and searching on other websites unnecessarily.

  •  Secondly, Compare the price of the products to the other websites

After the product or item selection now it’s time for the price comparison this you can do by searching on the other e-commerce sites selling the same product or you also check The Great Bargains for price comparison.

  •  Third, Add the product to your Shopping Cart and Leave (If you can show patience)

This is one of the best tricks to get more discounts and offers on the product you want to buy. This trick is also called as “ Abandoned Cart.” Once you add the product in your cart and logout from the website after a few days you will start receiving discounts or offers on the added product from the receptive e-commerce website. This trick required some patience also.

  •  Opt for the product having Credit/ Debit Card Offer

Most of the sites provide some percentage of discounts apart from the discount given on MRP. But for this, you should have a Debit or Credit Card for purchasing.

  •  Go for Websites providing Coupons, Cashback, and Offers

There are various websites which provide great Deals, Coupons, and Cashback offer if you buy a product from their site. Such as The Great Bargains is the best place for getting unlimited deals and coupons on your product.

  •  Saving through Free Shipping

Opt for the products which are having free shipping policy as this will be an added advantage on your purchase and extra saving.

  •  Search the Product on Social Media

Now there are various Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles which shares some interesting deals and discounts. One can go and search on those handles as well.

  •  Check for the Product Review

While doing Online Shopping This is most important that you check the Reviews of the product. Every e-commerce website put the review of the product on their site in case if you did not find it their then you can check the same on The Great Bargains Blogs.

  •  Be Patient and Try to buy during Festival Season

Most of the e-commerce companies provide Huge Discounts and Offers during Festival Seasons. I recommend buying your choice of products during those times to save money during Festive Time.

  • Discounts Available for New Registration

Most E-Commerce companies provide discounts to new customers when they register first time on their website. So to avail of that discount, you can register as a new customer also.

  •  Get Discount or cashback on Referral Programme through Mobile App

Most of the companies nowadays are providing cashback offers to the customer if they refer someone else to download their Mobile App and Shop from there.